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[CLOSED] Looking for HELP and a 3D Character artist/rigger for 3DS Max

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Hi everyone.

This is my first time posting on these forums or looking for any freelancers, so I apologise ahead of time for any noob mistakes.
I'm currently in my final year of university for animation for games and i'm working on my proposal for my final project. I suck big time at modelling so I always knew i'd need to commission some models but as the scope of the project has increased i've began to worry a bit about things.

Cutting to the chase, I'd need 2 character models, both textured and rigged for 3DS Max. Both these models would be cartoon styled.
One is a female knight with a sword and shield and the other is a big brute demon with a cleaver/machete.

I lack any concept arts just yet as i'm only two weeks into development but i'm posting ahead of time to get anyone at all who would be interested.

The help I need is regarding prices- I know it'll be expensive, but i'm wondering just HOW expensive. If anyone has a scope they can suggest as to what the price for this sort of commission would be it'd be much appreciated.


  • Cyresto
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    Hi eveyone!

    This case is now closed.
    Thanks so much for all your messages, the amount of help has been awesome.
    I think i've now got enough applicants to make this thing happen.
    Sorry if i'm unable to respond to everyone that is looking to undertake this with me.
    Take care of yourselves! :)
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