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Environment Work for Film vs Video Games

Are there environment artists for film or is there just 3d modelers?

Hi everyone I recently got into 3d modeling about a year ago. An have spent most of the past year learning software and what paths there are for 3d modeling. I have found that I really enjoy working on environments and props. I did some more research and have found that unlike in the video game industry there isn't any one job dedicated to environments in film and was wondering if this is true? If it is true then what should I be doing to try to get a job doing environments or props in film. Should I be tailoring my portfolio with just props and environments or are there certain things that differ in what the film industry and video game industry want to see?

Thank you for reading this and I can't wait to hear back and get some clarity on this topic and how to proceed. Thank you all for your time and have a great rest of your day!


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