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More bang for buck out of each vertex

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Cliffman polycounter lvl 6
Hey there polycounters,

I'm doing some weird vertex shader magic in Unity and would like to be able to save more data in my model's vertices that I could later use in the shader.
I'm using Maya 2018 for my modelling and as it currently stands, I've been using two UV sets and vertex coloring for storing different stuff (eg. animation direction vectors), but I've read that in some other apps (like 3dsMax) you're able to store data in the w channel of a vertex. Is this at all possible in Maya? Neither the component editor, nor trying to edit the uv's flags have helped.

There's supposed to be a blind data editor somewhere in Maya, which could hypothetically help me add some custom data to my vertices that I then could try and write a custom importer in Unity for, but I haven't been able to get the editor to even show up so I'm starting to lose hope. I found a forum thread from a year ago that said that it was a known issue and that changing a maya environment variable could make the editor accessible again, but of course no one bothered writing the name of the environment variable and I haven't been able to get it right (tested a bunch of variations I thought could work, to no avail).

So...I'm starting to lose hope.

Is there some way of adding custom data to a vertex through script?


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