Stylized Dagger

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gustavo1495 polycounter lvl 2
Stylized Dagger, original art by Beccah Hallstedt.
Decided to model something out of my comfort zone.  
Any critique are welcome! 


  • Bostvic
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    Bostvic polycounter lvl 2
    I love the blade and the detailing on it. My only point of improvement would be the swirly detail before the handle. In the concept it is much thicker and the curves are quite smooth. I'm not familiar with Maya so there is probably a good way to do it there with splines but in Zbrush I would look into using zmodeller to create a nice curve (you can also use curve insert brushes if you're feeling masochistic) which you can then dynamesh to the model

    It also looks lower resolution than the blade, is your texel density consistent?

    But the blade and the handle are really solid work, nice.
  • MitchDell
    For this being low poly, you've done an incredible job making this piece.
    My main concern is that I don't know what this is made out of from the textures. My first thought was stone but iron would be more suited for the original art which shows shine from where the blade was sharpened or even cracked to show fresh interior.

    I would experiment on adding those to see if it adds a more realistic while staying weathered.
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