Freedoooooooooooom - approach to the Mel Gibsons portrait (help)

Hi guys!
I decided to develop my sculpting skills, thats why I have picked a quest to model Mel Gibson.
I have spent a while figuring out the facial anatomy, construction of the skull and face, and other stuff like that. It seems ok while doodling some random faces, but in case like that it doesnt seem to work. I started with building overall shape, and then developing the forms basing on the side view. I feel that I managed to capture the likeness on the side, 3/4 is missing something, and front is a disaster :D
I've got to admit, I felt some excitement for achieving a little bit of his look, but then I saw this :lol:
I have beed doing sculpts like that for a while, but I feel that watching tutorials is not helping any more.
I would love to have some feedback and guides from more experienced guys in order to develop my skills. Cheers!

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