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Zaulta node
Hey everyone, so I've been drawing and studying traditionally for a year or two and I've been learning about digital for the past two weeks. This is my first time trying to make something with color and it's my first rendered digital painting :).

I think that the highlights in general are pretty distracting, but idk how to make it look appealing without it looking bland. I don't really like the hair or shirt because I didn't really know how to render it nicely : ^). I like the way I did the skin though. Anything would be helpful, thanks.

Progress -


  • bed
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    bed polycounter lvl 2
    Hey Zaulta, this looks good! I would suggest you take a look at some higher resolution references to work off of. In your original reference photo there's very little information in the hair or shirt for you to study, there's even some details missing from the face like the detail in the eyes, or lack of eyelashes, for example.

    Keep going!
  • Zaulta
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    Zaulta node
    @bed Thanks : ). The reference is from a book, so I thought I shouldn't let it go to waste, but I'll something else next time.
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