{WIP} Plague Tale Fan Art - Rock Breaking Machine

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Hi everyone !

After just graduated from school, I started looking for work but waiting to get my first job I want to push my portfolio forward with at least two pieces to add to keep progressing. You can check my portfolio and leave any feedbacks if you feel like it :blush: (https://www.artstation.com/iartmen)
One is an environment I just started gathering references but i'll leave beside until I finish the props piece. 

So for the props piece, I want to make a concept from the great Damien Papet. I really want to get it right and try to achieve the same level of quality of " A Plague Tale : Innocence "
This is were you guys can help me :D As I really had my head in it, taking some advice and feedbacks from professionals and more experienced artists to grow up as an artist and as a person will really help me. So thank you for taking part on my own challenge.

No more talk, there is the culprit ! 

I already had the blocking to get the shapes and the proportions, I started from here to model each part

I worked a lot with the Modifier list stack and from Instance to keep that back and forward work with a lot of redoability.
As the mesh is pretty similar and workable in symetry, I keep it tis way until the sculpt part. (except from some parts) 
Next post will be a look at each piece of the base mesh. When i'll finish my basemesh, i'll jump on the low/high part.

Feel free to give any comment and/or feedback, I can still tweak the proportions and change some things.
It will really help if you guys can push this piece to the great visual quality of the Plague Tale :D:D:D



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    Hi everyone, I know it's been a long time but as I working by night to be able to eat, it's hard to find time to work on this project..
    Anyway, I still made some progress. 

    I reworked some part to be closer of the concept : 
    - Enlarged the wheels
    - Grown the chains and the lanterns
    - Grow the central block
    - Optimized the wireframe
    - Made the UV 

    Basically, I finished the low poly, I still miss a part that I really struggle to find references to help me to model it. If you have any idea how to find some, I'll gladly ear it ! :blush: 

    From the reference, it's a part of a winch, but it's not enough for me to fully understand how it's made...

    When I finished this part, I'll get to the Sculpting part :+1:

    If you have any feedbacks, I'll gladly ear them out !

    Onward !
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