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Mesh Normal Map Seam Issues in Engine (Amazon Lumberyard Game Engine)

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Not sure if anyone has any experience with Lumberyard but thought someone may have a idea from experiences in Engines.

I am a beginner to Lumberyard and still learning the ropes, Ive created some assets with the workflow Zbrush (high poly) -> Maya (low poly) -> Substance Painter (detail).

Im having some issue with the appearance of it in the engine, the normal map seems to be giving some horrible seams, I have looked at solutions and flipping the green channel hasn't worked, the name of the texture also has DDNA in its name as it was exported with Substance presets. It also has 16 px of padding so should be fine. I have run through this help page and dont think I have done any of the issues that can conflict:

Does anyone have any idea why the seams are showing so badly, from appearance it looks like the lighting is flipped on the two separate parts of the UV shells causing contrasting shadows. What part of the process should I revisit to solve this as I cant figure out how to make it seamless?

Seam issue:


This is how it should look in Substance, I would love to get it as close as possible to what displays in Substance but it seems to look nothing like it.


Any possible solutions to get a close representation to what can be seen in Substance and Maya would be appreciated


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