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Female Usopp

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Looking to make a nice textured piece that looks semi traditional. It's a stylized piece. I Kind of made up the shadows on her right leg. Please let me know what you think of the anatomy, values, and anything that looks off. 


  • Zaulta
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    Zaulta polycounter lvl 3
    Is this from One Piece? If it is, you're missing the most important part of his character, which is his long nose lol. Maybe even add one of his sling shot weapons to add more of his character into the painting too. With the anatomy, I think that her upper leg can have more girth to feel more natural imo and make the hips smaller, since I don't anyone ever has a natural hip to shoulder ratio like that. I would also have the shadow of the center of the abs have more of a C curve because she is bending her torso and the abs should match that. Hope this helps <3.
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