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[WIP][Environment] Strategic Scientific Reserve - Agent Carter

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Hi everyone!

I started modelling this scene a little while back and haven't really touched it in a while due to the end of University and also moving house. As a graduate I'm now looking for a job in the industry as an Environment modeller so I figured I need to step up my Portfolio game and get something out there that is really well done so I'm picking this project back up again. I figured to help keep me on track and also improve my skills I'd  post a little thread on the progress I make from here on out. Criticism is completely welcome!  :)

The Plan

Originally I wanted to do a small noir Detective agency but after seeing Avengers: Endgame I decided to do it based on the SSR's office. I love the general look of the office and making all of the little knick-knacks on each of the desks that make them look like their own thing even though they all include some of the same standard equipment. 

Current Progress

I've already made a good progress on a couple of the high poly models, though I may revisit some in the near future if required. I haven't really attempted a blockout as I got carried away making the models but I will get a rough one sorted soon.







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    ATaylor96 polycounter lvl 5


    I'm currently spending most of my days decorating so I haven't been able to pour much time into this project, however I have started working on a desk lamp whenever I have a chance to sit down in the evening. It's still a work in progress but it's getting there. I still need to add some extra details to the bulb socket behind the lampshade. I've also got a decent chunk of work left to do on the base as it's got a ton of smoothing errors, but I've mainly tried to get the shape down as best as I can for now. 


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