[Rev Share] Unity Programmer to help finish Hyper Casual Game.

Looking for a Unity Programmer to help finish our Hyper Casual Game built for Mobile Devices.

I would estimate that there is about 5 - 15 hours left of programming (depending on skill level) 
We have a Design Document for the programmer to work off of and I will be available via Discord, pretty much 24/7. 

The desirable programmer will be:
- Capable to write and understand English.
- Be active on Discord to speak about changes/ updates. 

- 25% of Rev Share.

Marketing (Once Complete):
We will be self publishing for a month;
If this proves to be unsuccessful, we will then reach out to mobile publishes, such as Voodoo etc.. 

Feel free to email       [email protected]        if you're interested in the position. 

Kieran Kehoe.

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