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[Rev Share] Unity Programmer to help build Mobile Hyper Csual Games.

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To help start our company we're looking for a Unity Programmer to help build a series of 2D/ 3D Hyper Casual Game for Mobile Devices.

We have games that are half done, we have games that have yet to be started, but most importantly they have Design Documents.  
I will be available via Discord, pretty much 24/7. 

I myself am a 2D/ UI/ UX/ Designer.

The desirable programmer will be:
- Capable of writing and understanding English.
- Be active on Discord to speak about changes/ updates. 

- 50% of Rev Share on all games, up until the studio is established. 

Marketing (Once Complete):
We will be self publishing for a month with each title;
If the retention is low we will then reach out to mobile publishes, such as Voodoo etc.. 

Once the company has been established, we would love to hire you for future projects/ invite you to work full time, depending on whether you want to stay freelance, or not. 

Feel free to email       [email protected]        if you're interested in the position. 

Kieran Kehoe.

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