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[rev-share] Unity C# programmer & UI Front-end help wanted for Strategy Wargame Project

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Atheory null
Hi, thanks for taking the time.

We have an ongoing project that recently went through some changes. Our game engine was overhauled and areas for development split into mini-teams. We are seeking one or two individuals knowledgeable with C# and unity to join our MODs team to help implement various game mechanics.

The project is a turn-base WW2 grand strategy wargame. Something akin to Hearts of Iron, War in the East, Strategic Command or any AGEOD title. Our goal is to fill a void in the market by immersing the player into all facets on the conduct of warfare during the second world war. They will manage production, campaigns, units and logistics. Additionally, co-op play will be available, setting this title apart from most current strategy games. Combat mechanics are designed with realism in mind, taking into account the exhaustive research available covering this conflict.

Additionally, our UI/front-end needs attention and we seek an individual with the knowledge and creativity to help set our direction.

The foundation of our project is built with flexibility in mind. Team members contribute what hours they can each week towards the completion of assigned tasks. Essentially, you work at your own pace, affording you the room to maintain your daily responsibilities. We use discord as our central hub for communication, and use clickup/gitlab/trello to assist with project organization.

Our current team consists of four programmers, three artists, a sound engineer and the game/scenario designer. We anticipate the remaining develop time for the project to be between 3 and 6 months.

Any interested individuals should contact me on discord @Atheory#0528 for a further, more robust conversation about the project, and your role within it.

Thank again for your time
discord = Atheory#0528
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