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Hello everyone! I wanted to show my recent scene that I just finished. Everything was modeled in Maya, Textured in Substance Painter and rendered in UE4. I would love to hear what everyone thinks! I will also be linking my ArtStation portfolio below. Any feedback on any of my other projects Would be great! Like many others, I’m trying to break into the industry as a 3D Environment Artist so I appreciate everyone’s feedback. =)

Portfolio: https://www.artstation.com/jeanluis


  • PolyHertz
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    PolyHertz sublime tool
    The texture noise is really overpowering on a lof of the props. Try and be a lot more subtle and layered with your materials. The way heavy grunge looks and how it's placed should always be based on how the surface its on is likely to accumulate said grunge. I'd also recommend supersampling your screen shots instead of using post AA solutions, as your pics are coming across as kind of soft right now.
  • JeanLuis
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    JeanLuis null
    @PolyHertz Thank you for your feedback! I will look into what you said and see what I can do.
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