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NOP-03 Sarubia Tank

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I finished this months ago, but hadn't gotten around to doing renders for it http://www.artstation.com/artwork/k4eeY0 .
This was a fun asset I did on stream for a community challenge I created called Bacon Jam.  This one was on old PlayStation 1 games and I decided on creating the Nop-03 Sarubia Tank from the Game Metal Slug.  I modeled the base HP in Maya, but brought it into Zbrush to do the heavy lifting there.  I tried to go for the more chunky and beat up style that I like to do on most of my stylized pieces.  the hardest part was trying to take Pixel art and convert it into a more sculpted and detailed look, but I had allot of fun doing it.  I baked it in Marmoset, textured in Painter, and Rendered in Marmoset.  I hope you all like it and that it lives up to Metal Slugs great artwork.


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