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Remington 700 - Punisher Ed. (Game Weapon Asset)

polycounter lvl 4
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GeeKay polycounter lvl 4

My latest project. Please check out the Artstation-Page and Sketchfab (won't let me embed it at the moment)

Would love to hear some feedback from you guys (and ladies)



  • PolyHertz
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    PolyHertz hero character
    The scratches on the clip should be redone. Scratches on that piece would be around the edges and/or straight up/down at the point where the clip gets inserted into the gun. The text at the top "5-45..." also has some noticeable compression artifacts.
  • GeeKay
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    GeeKay polycounter lvl 4
    Thanks for the feedback. The scractches on that clip are done "manually" - there is text carved in. You can see that in 3D view on Sketchfab. I can't embed it - whyever. :-/

    Will care about those artifacts. =)
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