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Hi there. This is my topic where I will post my work. Feel free to read a little more from me below. 

3D Digital Sculptor, working for collectibles, tabletop games and digital games companies who work with NFT, creating characters for different genres as Fantasy, Scifi, Steampunk, Medieval, Historic, Pinups.

Currently companies and titles as, Command and Conquer: Tiberium Secrets, Crossing Olympus, Bold Move Games, Nonsense Miniatures, Forwell Toys, Savage Models, Multiverse Arena.. 

Passionate about my work and I always strive to go beyond the brief I am given to achieve a more interesting and innovative outcome.I have worked on a large variety of projects, taking them from the scketch stage all the way through to the final production.

Why to work with me? 
Some of my strengths and the reason that most of the companies decided to work with me are: 
• More than 6 years of experience as sculptor for a well known company in the industry. 
• Able to work remotely, keeping a regular contact with the company team leaders about the work progress and deadlines 
• I can work with any genre and type of characters. 
• Ability to work quickly without sacrificing quality and with a fine attention to detail. 
• Ability to meet deadlines as necessary 
• Ability to sculpt having a way that product has no problems with casting, how the figures will be used and manufactured, and can provide guidance to help the client get exactly what they want and need. 
• Solid knowledge in character design for 3D printing, Joins, partitions, and technical requirements
Character Sculpted and rendered for an NFT Investor.

Client: Jason Blake


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