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Baking HP on stacked shells?

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kat_sta node
I created my 400k low poly meat-stand in Maya, and then I UVed it stacking shells of objects that I duplicated on top of each other to save space in UV map. Then I went to ZBrush to add some details and smooth objects. I sudivided objects that I modeled, but then reduced polycount in decimation master. I didn't rename objects, but I merged them afterwards to get one model that I exported then as HP. I went to SP then and I tried to apply HP on my LP object with default settings. Only few objects baked semi-correctly, the rest didn't. I then went back to Maya and combined some parts, so alltogether I had 4 objects. I did the same for ZBrush.

Then in SUbstance Painter after baking with default settings I'm getting that
I have no idea at that point what I'm doing wrong, I can't find many informations for low poly to high poly workflow. Can that be the issue ? that I created model in Maya, then added some details in ZBrush and then combined some objects back in Maya, once I realised I need name objects to make hp match with lp? Although I transfered UVs to that combined textures and then still they bake shitty. Please let me know if somebody know solution!

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