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Hi Everyone! It's been *Forever* since I posted anything. I still lurk, and watch. But now it's time to post.
So here's my latest project, A Void Elf from World of Warcraft rendered in UE4, taking heavy *Heavy* inspiration from the original model in the game and trying to both retain their spirit, but also make them... Well I wouldn't call it realistic per say, but I suppose I could live with that definition.
Here's some extra screens:

Here's Ye Olde Breakdown of maps:

Here's the lights I used in UE4:

And here's some extra "expressions" I made to demonstrate the rig:

Here's the Sculpt:

And finally here's something that makes me laugh all the time, which are the expression-maps I sculpted extra:

You can find larger images here on imgur.

I hope you guys like it!
Next post will be some more tech details as to who and what and why.


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