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Deydranos polycounter lvl 3
I wanted to follow this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6xBMcnx2Kkk hair tutorial, but unfortunately wasn't able to get the same results because the fur procedural in Substance Painter had been changed in more recent versions of SP. The strands were too blurry and short to really get that nice effect he has in his example.

I managed to circumvent my issue by re-installing the version of Substance he was working in and copy over the corresponding fur_3.sbsar file. This is a bit of a  convoluted method (as I'm re-downloading and completely re-installing Substance Painter twice for this), so I was wondering if there is an easier method - i.e. a database - to access older resources that were changed in newer versions of Substance? I've looked at Substance Share, but I wasn't able to find the files there.
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