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We understand every art student has different individual strengths, experiences, passions, and ideas. In light of this, CGMA offers complimentary portfolio reviews for prospective and current students. This review will provide guidance to help you enroll in courses appropriate for your skill level while challenging you in areas you need to improve in order to reach your goals. You can take advantage of this service if you are unsure of your skill level and need advice on where to start.


To submit your work to their Academic Advising team for a portfolio review:

•   Please send images of your most current artwork via Google Drive, Dropbox or a website link to [email protected]

•   Let them know which specific skills you are looking to improve

•   Tell them what your goals are for your training at CGMA 

From there, their team of Academic Advisers will assess your work and provide course recommendations free of charge. Please reach out via phone at 1(800)-959-0316 if you require more guidance and would like to discuss your artistic training goals in more detail. Fall term registration is now open and don't forget to take advantage of their payment plans.



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