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I'm willing to make a Freebie (MultiPurpose if possible) 3D Character asset, What do you guys need?

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I thought about making a free Muti-Purpose asset to test my skills since it's been long that I made a full character setup, so here I'm checking what the community needs

Here's an old sculpt of mine:

and a sculpted face (no minor details)

And a Koby Brian face: (Low Poly)

Now all of these are OLDER THAN ONE YEAR

Recently I was working on Hair, textures, and some shading in unity:

So the plan is maybe try and combine all my Experience so far in something that can help both my portfolio and the community
in Short, I'm thinking of making something compatible with UMA (Unity Multi-Purpose Avatar) just more realistic (as much as possible) with a DAZ Studio version of it (DAZ has a great tool to transfer shapekeys from one model to another one with a different shape, anyone can build on top of it)

Link to UMA:

Link to DAZ Studio:

However, I'm not sure what you guys need exactly or if this will help you enough (I'll only make the realism part with shaders, not the whole system) 
So, Here I'm open for discussion, what do you have in mind?
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