Maya Nonlinear bend problem

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Hello i making model of city parts in the form of blocks for game.  that likes Subway surfers style. such as this


i created simple blocks in maya and i use Nonlinear bend tool, but when I add the part I copied does not fit exactly.  Where am I making a mistake? a simple cube does not cause problems, but when I give details, the bend tool is a problem. 
Note: I have tried the same with the 3D Max without interfering with the parts very well together.


  • Benjammin
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    The centre line and scale of the bend modifier will both affect the bend itself. You can either calculate precise bend numbers/scales with Pi, or fudge it: Make an instanced version of your bent mesh, move it where it needs to be, and then 'weld' the edge points together. 
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    As Benjammin mentioned the scale and placement of the bend handle will affect the bend.

    When a bend is created i'm not sure what axis it defaults to, but the scale should be half the length of the piece you are bending, basically if your low and high bound are set to -1 and 1 respectively your bend handle should be the exact length of the piece you want to bend. This ensures that the angle of curvature you have entered is what the mesh is bent by for the entire length of the handle (actually the amount of curvature occurs over each bound so a 10° figure in curvature will bend the entire mesh 20°). If the scale is off you won't have a bend for the expected amount of degrees and you will have an issue matching the meshes up like in your image.

    What seems to be happening is that the bend handle is getting it's scale value from the width of the piece of track rather than the length, because I see your high and low bound unaltered but the bend handle much longer.

    You also might want to have the handle placed on a specific grid sport vertically because you could have issues too since the handle positions itself at the center of whatever bounding box it calculates. Ideally this would be level with the surface and in the center of your track.

    The bend tool isn't very intuitive when it comes to precise deformations it used to be worse curvature used to be radians not degrees, I actually posted a request on the maya feedback site to use degrees instead of radians and it got approved.
    90° is a whole lot easier than 90° × π/180 = 1.571rad
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