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Hair in Maya/Arnold Problem

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miguelrsmx polycounter lvl 6
Hello everyone. Lurking forever, but decided to ask here about an issue I found, hopefully this is the right forum.

One of my students is trying to add hair to a character in Maya/Arnold using planes (on a Standard Arnold Material) while some areas look great, we are having certain issues where the planes are intersecting with each other or the body geo. 

Case in point:

Hopefully that's noticeable enough. We thought it might be a specular issue or something, but no luck. We've tried changing basic Arnold material areas (Opaque, self-shadows, etc) based on what I know, but we just don't seem to get rid of it. 
In a related story, is there any sort of guide on this you guys recommend? Went through the forums but didn't find anything that looked like what we are doing in Maya/Arnold. 
Any help would be appreciated. Thank you guys!

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