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3D Animator/Rigger (UE4) [paid]

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cmichel94 polycounter lvl 4
Hello, my team is looking for a 3d animator/rigger who is well versed in unreal engine (and preferably root motion) to join our team. The animator must be able to create a full-body rig, as well as a facial rig and setup dynamic hair in the engine. That is to say, we are looking for someone who can be more hands-on with the project rather than just sending fbx files to use. The main task right now would be to get the player character moving with the vast amount of movement variations we have. Our end game is to add tiny cinematic moments to combat and gameplay for an epic kind of feeling, but more on that later. 

We're currently working on developing a demo for our game, before heading into full production. The art style we are going with is realism, so animations must be top-notch when it comes to portraying realistic movements.  Right now, only one character is ready, but more are on their way--including some nifty robots. 

To apply, send your portfolio to carmichel94@gmail.com or Direct Message me here. 

Thank you. 

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