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3D environment/Props/Texture/(characters) Artist : Available for Freelance and remote work

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Hi everyone,
my name is Simon and im a 3D Environment/Texture/Prop Artist.

Right now im looking for :

  • Remote work
  • Freelance
  • Part time employment
I can speak French and English, both fluent.

My skills and portfolio:


  • -Create 3D game assets on reallistic style
  • -Low Poly and High Poly with very good topology
  • -Hard Surface modeling
  • -Very optimzed UVs
  • -Retopology
  • -Perfect Bakes
  • -Textures in PBR, reallistic and HandPainted (for hand painted send me and e-mail and I will show you my hand painted portfolio).-Rigging (depending the work).


  • -Maya
  • -3ds Max
  • -Zbrush
  • -Substance Painter and Designer
  • -Marvelous Designer
  • -Unreal Engine
  • -Unity
  • -Photoshop
  • -Marmoset toolbag
  • -Keyshot

My rates are very good, if you are interested feel free to message me by e-mail or send me a message on Artstation.

See you laters !


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