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Maya and dyslexia?

polycounter lvl 9
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sharsein polycounter lvl 9
Does anyone here use Maya and have dyslexia, or know anyone who does? Do you customize your interface, and if so, what setup works best for you? What helped/helps you learn the software when you're just starting out? I'm asking for someone out of curiosity, my guess is their focus is probably modeling/texturing/animation. 


  • oglu
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    oglu polycount lvl 666
    I use the marking menues. 
    I dont know the modeling tools but my fingers do.
    Muscle memory is key.
  • Mark Dygert
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    I worked with a guy that was dyslexic. He seemed to cope pretty well in Maya. For him I think repetition was key. He also liked to customize his shelf and used custom icons that he made. I don't know if that helped with the dyslexia or if he just really got into customizing his shelves? Anything at involved digging through the main menu text usually ended up in a shelf, but a lot of people do that. 
  • Cathodeus
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    Cathodeus polycounter lvl 14
    I made keyHydra Shortcuts for 3DSmax. You need to find what is your memory [muscle memory, visual memory, auditive memory will not help here]. Mine is muscle. To be clear some specialist thought i was dyslexic when i was younger. But in fact it it seems they were wrongl, or i compensate while growing up. Anyway younger i was writting words backwards, and or wasn't hable to recognize numbers. But i'm now a Technical Artist so i use number everydays ^^.
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