[FINISHED] Viking Hunter

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o hello it's time for another WIP thread

This time I'm basing myself off this concept by Seesha Plekhanov: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/dOy9bw
Trying to stick to the concept as close as possible while going for a more realistic style.

This is currently making the rounds on my Discord servers for feedback, altho I'm pretty close to start the lowpoly. Polypaint is just to give a general idea. Body based off a scan (anatomy was rebuilt on top to adapt to the character's build), head is original, clothing was blocked out in zBrush and simulated in Marvelous with further detailing work on top, hair and fur will be replaced by proper meshes etc.

I might have taken him a bit too far before posting.

Plan is to have at least the character modeled and textured before Gamescom.

See you soon with more updates


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