Facial rig, what am I doing wrong?

Hello. I have a very, very important question. I have tried many times to make a facial rig and make him a skin. As a result, all the shit is constantly obtained and I do not understand what I am doing wrong. Please help solve the issue because for me this question is critical, and the closest friends and google do not give answers to my questions. I make the game character, the whole face rig on the bones. And another thing, I am from Russia and I am writing through a translator. I apologize for the mistakes and poor understanding.

I am interested in how all this is done correctly and with my hands. Using plugins is good, but first I want to understand how it all works at a basic level. I use modo for rig. Any other programs do not offer. I simply do not have the finances and time. And yes, in Blender, I tried. The result is about the same. So it's not about the program. The fact is that I am doing something wrong and I don’t know what the critical aspect is.


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