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[Rev-Share] Origin of Storms - A fighting game made in UE4

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My name is Jaime Silva, I’m an enlightened game developer at ArcForged, where we build gamer communities around compelling characters, stories and experiences.

I have created more than a dozen video games over half my life, with the biggest one on its way! There’s a huge backlash in the industry regarding the poor value of microtransactions, as well as an epic failure rate for indie dev teams. And, let’s face it, all the GTA and CoD games have given non-gamers a bad impression about what the industry is about.

We solve these problems by producing highly polished games upon release, with DLC that will add true value to the gaming experience, and games that are suitable for nearly everyone. To do that, we’ve partnered with the world’s largest game incubator, Burnout Game Ventures, who specializes in good project management. We know we’ll achieve our goals.

Our current project, a fighting game called “Origin of Storms”, has gained international attention in just five months. It’s only in Alpha. We’re already in discussions with major eSports purveyors, and are planning on a year-end release.

We do this because we believe the industry needs to change, to provide quality products from the start, great game experiences, and not ripoff or alienate our customers. We won’t settle for anything less.

Origin of Storms made its first debut as my senior thesis at the School of Visual Arts in NYC. I made a short film about the two main characters fighting one another. After that, my film was showcased in one of Unreal's sizzle reels.


A year later, I decided to make a proof of concept for a fighting game involving these characters. We debuted that proof of concept at an event called PlayNYC and the response was overwhelmingly positive. Word of mouth about our game was spreading through the event to the point where we had half hour long waits at our single booth to play the game.


In 2019, I moved to Florida and reached out to Burnout Game Ventures, who decided to pick ArcForged and Origin of Storms up to help with development marketing, and sustainability. On July 5th and 6th, we showed an updated proof of concept at GuardianCon in Orlando and we couldn't have dreamed of how it actually went down. Word started buzzing about Origin of Storms at the event and that word reached Alex Jebailey, CEO of CEOgaming and one of the largest fighting game tournaments in the world. He came by our booth and played 4 rounds of the game.


We have many events in which we'll be showing the game but we'd like to move the game out of proof of concept and into a more refined position. Our first goal is to have an Alpha by CEOTaku so we can show the game in a better light than it is now. We're aiming for early access by Thanksgiving-Christmas. Right now we have a team of 5 including myself.

Jaime Silva - Mostly everything
Gabriela Borregales - Art Direction
Emanuel Miglio - Lead programmer
Hyein Go - Character Concept Artist
Hermann Kayode - Environment Concept Artist

We are in need of:

  • 3D Modelers/Sculptors - Needed to model both the characters and the worlds they live in. Needs to be proficient in 3d sculpting(Zbrush) and retopology of high poly assets to game ready resolutions. Maya is preferred but any program that can deliver fbx files is welcomed.

  • 3D Environment Artists - We want to deliver great scenes that our concept artists design in 3d space. Maya and UE4 knowledge required. Sculpting not entirely required but preffered as well as the ability to retopologize high poly assets for in-game resolutions.

  • 3D Technical Artists - We need to develop the rigs for the characters and make sure that they are unified so they can share animations. This can cut costs and overhead for animators. Single Hierarchy skeletons for UE4 required. Maya required.

  • 3D Animators - We need animators to animate all characters in a unique way that delivers personality. Asset store animations won't cut it. Maya required. Knowledge of Fighting Games not required but appreciated.

  • Texture Artists - Needed to paint textures to keep a unified style across games. Any program that you can paint on models is fine but Substance Painter is preferred.

  • Visual Effects Designers - Particles and impacts are a huge part of our games and we need them to feel visceral and eye catching. Must be able to work within UE4 for either cascade or Niagara effects.

  • UI/UX Designers - UI is a very important aspect of the game that partly defines how well a game is polished. We need artists proficient enough with making a UI that doesn't interfered with the action on screen.

  • Sound Designers - Sound is an important aspect of ArcForged games and we need someone who is up to snuff to deliver meaty sounds that deliver the experience.

  • Scenario Writers - Story is important to ArcForged but we need someone proficient with writing game scenarios that are easy to digest in a gameplay environment.

  • Music Composer - Music is also very important to deliver the experience. It has to be as enthralling as the visuals and sound design. Maybe even more so.

  • Voice Actors - We’ll need voices for the characters. Hopefully with iconic lines that the fans will enjoy.

  • Unreal Engine Network Programmer - We need help making the games online capable so that people can enjoy the games together. Having experience with fighting games is a huge bonus. We are going for GGPO styled rollback netcode.

  • C++ Unreal Engine Programmers - For Front End, UI and Secondary Systems.

  • Web Development - We need to build websites and post content for fans.

  • Community Manager - We need someone to keep contact with the community so they can give valuable feedback to us from the fans. We should always stay engaged.

  • Play Testers / Quality Assurance - While we test while we develop ad nauseum, we’ll need fresh eyes and minds on the game to play in ways we wouldn’t so that we can catch bugs that we hadn’t anticipated.

If you are or anyone you know are interested in any of these positions, please email ArcForged@gmail.com. 
If you wish to follow us on social media, please feel free to check out out twitter, facebook, instagram or join our discord where you can speak to me directly.


Thank you for your time!
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