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[Environment Art] Need mentors/direction and advice

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shreks7 polycounter lvl 6

After working on programming aspects of the game development for years, now I've started to focus more on level design and environment art because I feel more connected with that. I'm starting to create pieces for my portfolio and needed some advice or mentors to help me in the right direction. 

Here is some of my recent work-

I am looking forward to talking to the community and pros out there!



  • PolyHertz
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    PolyHertz hero character
    Instead of having the sand just end like that, I'd extend it outwards and down and fade it at the edges under the water. The beach towel on the sand could also use a small amount of thickness (its obviously just a one sided poly atm) and ideally some details around the edge to show its woven thread and not just a patterned piece of paper or board. The 'surf island' banners should not have the stands at the bottom either, they should just be stakes stuck in the sand (cloth could use more wrinkles too). I'd also add a few random blades of grass around the wood posts.

    There's more things I could point out, but I think that should be enough for now.
  • shreks7
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    shreks7 polycounter lvl 6
    Thanks for the feedback @PolyHertz !

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