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Lady Detective (Game Model)

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Yuzach keyframe
Hi guys! 
It's been a while and I'd love to share some characters that I've been making for the upcoming story-driven adventure & puzzle game by NineZyme Entertainment. 
Here is the first one, let's call her Lady Detective (since I can't share her real name right now, it's going to be a surprise for some of you 😜). 
You can check out the full project at my Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/Ya6ZDY (I have some more images and close-ups there)

This is a real-time game-ready model, around 23k tris. Visual development, concepts and 3D modeling by me. I've made a simple rig in Maya to pose the character.

These are the concepts that I've made, based on the story of the character and her description. After the concept was approved, I moved on to the modeling and ended up with the result that I've attached to the concept sheet below.

High-poly in ZBrush:

Polypainted model. I don't actually use these maps from ZBrush anywhere else, I just like to see how it looks in color before I even start making a retopo. This helps me to texture faster a few steps later, in Substance Painter, so I only use this as a visual reference.

Retopo and posing in Maya.

Texturing in Substance Painter. I've made two sets of textures - PBR and something similar to hand-painted textures to try it out in the engine. 

Thanks for watching! :)


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