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Z-Brush Base Female 250k Polys - CRITIQUE Please!

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ShoxZzBladeZz polycounter lvl 3

Base Mesh for Woman Character created in Maya 3d exported to Zbrush for Anatomy detail. I am looking for Critiques on this Base Mesh as I plan to use it for a couple of Characters. Generally Im looking for any major errors in anatomy, proportions ect. 

Thanks in Advance - Sacha 


  • Crazy_pixel
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    Crazy_pixel interpolator

    good start and it is a great idea to have a working basemesh and then use this multiple times. For me is this always a huge time savior :)

    I think you should work with the lowest subdivision first and use this state to build your anatomy features. The first thing I saw was her head. It looks to small for the body.

    Work with a proportion canon of 7 or 8 heads for humans and try to check your current proportions as often as possible ( when you have Photoshop then make overpaints and have as much references as possible aside.

    Keep it up ;)
  • vavavoom
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    vavavoom polycounter lvl 11
    Just a quick smudge move of suggestions that may improve overall anatomy shape from the front. The shoulder and back muscles in the back view are all there, but look off somehow particularly in the mid section. Good start, with a bit more love, it'll look even better :)

  • ShoxZzBladeZz
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    ShoxZzBladeZz polycounter lvl 3
    Thank you so much!!! 
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