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ENDLESS FUN-Critiques are Welcome

Hi! Hello everyone! This is my first attempt to make a personal work of this size. Because it is personal work, there is no limit to the production. I just want to challenge my limits. I have experienced countless iterations during the production process, from model to UV to baking to texture, including post-construction and lighting rendering. This product is in sync with learning. I am very grateful to those who have dedicated their technical experience. Online education has helped me a lot.
My current question is that I have been immersed in my work for a long time (I have spent more than four months on this work). I will likely ignore certain problems, even some fatal problems. The question is where are they?? What have I ignored?
The middle school that made this work is to exercise my model textures including light rendering exercises and find the ideal way to make them. Of course, the final effect also has certain requirements. I hope that I can reach the 3A game production standard. Now I am not sure whether it will be achieved.
Here are some questions that I have summarized myself, and I hope that they can be corrected.
1. In the production of the model, there is a lack of reasonable connection design in the parts and parts. This is a problem I have neglected in the early stage, which leads to the lack of starting in the process of refinement.
2. The distribution of UV is too dense and average, resulting in some areas that need to be magnified and displayed, and it is impossible to make a more detailed texture.
3. Is my environment building too fragmented? Is the theme clear? Is the design and commissioning of the lighting true? (In fact, I am not sure which period my light is in)
4. A lot of free material (not all) is used in the background. If I put this work on my resume, will it affect my ability? (Of course, the mechanics in the theme are my own)
5. During the construction of the environment, I collected a lot of elemental resources from the previous era. Is it suitable for the machinery designed by BrianSum? What have I overlooked environmental design?
I hope to get different opinions, thank you!
Sorry, my English is very bad. If some explanations are not clear enough, I will explain it further.
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