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[WIP] [UE4] Cyberpunk Alleyway

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AndrewMKelley polycounter lvl 7
Hey all! So after moving some files around on my computer I lost my victorian alleyway, unfortunately. But! This is a great opportunity to improve on the concept and go for a style that I haven't really done for a while, Cyberpunk! I feel my folio at the moment is lacking an outdoor scene, as well as showing I can do cities. So this will kill two birds with one stone! Here's my refboard at the moment.
The feelings I want to evoke with this scene is the feeling of wonder at the tech and lifestyle these people lead, but also the somewhat somber feeling that cyberpunk fiction brings forth.
Here's a quick and dirty massout in unreal.

I want to really stretch my modularity muscles with this, as well as my lighting skills. 
Anyway, as the artstation challenge winds down, I'll be working more and more on this until it's over. I'll be keeping this updated weekly once the challenge is over. Next on my list is to get all of the bsps in Unreal to placeholder meshes, and start on materials that I'll be needing.
Thanks for reading guys, cheers!
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