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Isk096 triangle
Hello to all. I am new here and here are my works. What do you think with them you can find a job? And in general, are they suitable for a portfolio?


  • beccatherose
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    beccatherose ngon master
    Nice work! Really digging how crisp these are and how the forms read. Speaking without context on the rest of your work, you might be doing some of this already:

    I recommend having at least 5-7 projects to have a full portfolio. If you're aspiring to be a character concept artist, that would mean 5-7 finished character designs, some of which should have turnarounds, material callouts, prop designs, etc, similarly to that middle image. Keep doing those sorts of pages! This helps bulk up your body of work while demonstrating that you understand the production pipeline.

    The type of content you want to include also depends on the types of companies you want to work for. If you want to work at a large studio, you'll probably be pretty specialized and just working on concept art. If you want to freelance or work for smaller studios, it's ideal to do a little bit of generalizing by adding some other 2d art to your portfolio. It became easier for me to find freelance gigs when I added paintovers, icons, and weapon designs to my portfolio! Just something to consider.

    I think the style of these are really distinct and the quality is strong. These are a really cool start to a great body of work. Best of luck!
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