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[WIP] Nerf Elite Scout MK2

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franman polycounter lvl 13
Currently I'm working on texturing this model:


Please offer your feedback towards the materials I have applied onto the model  especially to those who owned and has access to the toy gun.


  • PolyHertz
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    PolyHertz polycount lvl 666
    A lot of the details look too flat compared to the actual toy and should have been gone with polygons instead of textures. Here's a pic of the gun from google just to explain better:

    The triggers indentations along its sides need to be deeper. The three orange lines you've place along the sides should be MUCH deeper as they are actually holes on the real model and the orange part is an internal component. You're completely missing several ridges on the upper back part of the gun. etc...I'd scrap the material and go back to improving the model.
  • franman
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    franman polycounter lvl 13
    I'm redoing my Nerf gun in Substance Painter.  For now let's just focus on the bump details on the blue section of the gun.

    Here's a screen shot of it

    and here's a reference image

    What are your takes on the bump details on the blue section of the gun? Bear in mind there are other bump details I left just focus on the ones I've applied.
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