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[Unity3D] - My fourth big project (Low Poly Slavic Village)

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Hi there!
Here is my fourth big project. Slavic Village, made in Unity!


Broad fields and meadows cut with roads leading to inns.
Tall and widely spread walls of forests with villages blended into their shadows. 

Rivers meanderings and streams flowing between boulders.
Rocky mountains towering into the sky, above it all.

Project gallery link 

I tried to mount it sensibly and what I focused on the most was to create the whole universe, fly with a camera over it and record. 
What you see is a realtime render on Unity engine and is not souped up with any filters in the video mounting programme. I made a models in Blender.
I took care of the clear,effect, without any special improvements, with the use of Unity postprocessing only.

The project is made with passion in my free time and is already Live at Asset Store!

website: www.emaceart.com

Like it and feel free to ask questions :) Cheers!


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