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Substance Painter to Marmoset Normal Problem

Hi everyone :) ,

I'm new here in the community so all feedback will be really apreciate it.

I'm doing some portfolio work with this SG Gibson. The problem that I have is when I export my normal map from Substance Painter, the normal map is full of some normal distorsion that didn't exists in the first place.

1. This first image shows that in the normal map there's only some bumps on the main surface of the guitar

2. In this second image I show you that the Input map that I generates from the bake (from Marmoset), It's clean and it doesnt have any variation, in other words, it's flat.

(I applied some levels modifier in the round area to accentuate the microdetails)

3. Here we have the main problem. I exported from Substance Painter in TIFF format. I tried in TGA too but it does the same thing. You can see in the round area that Painter generates some distortion that isn't in the model before I export the map. Also you can see on the left some bump details I said before on the first image

4. Here in the final image you can see that that microdetail is just applied and I don't want that!! You can see it on the border of the light reflection.

If anyone knows something about this problem please be free to comment and help me with this problem that I've been dealing with.

Thanks so much for seen this post and I will be around!!

PS: English is not my main language, so mistakes are not intentional. Sorry!  :s
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