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ZBrush Crashes when I use Matcap tool

I'm quite new to Zbrush and have an issue with Matcap Tool in zbrush 2019.
I was trying to use it to create some new Matcap based on old master sculptures. Zbrush crashes when i click and drag the matcap tool to capture the lighting information based on 2d image . 

the steps I do are following:
✦ open Zbrush : d  (the workspace is blank) 
✦ choose MatCap tool as an active tool 
✦ Go to Materials ➞ Choose Flat Color.
✦ go to texture ➞ Import ➞ import the photo of a statue, choose it as main texture and press CropAndFill. 
✦ go to layer Tab on top ➞ create new layer.
✦ Go to materials and choose a material for example MatCap Red Wax ➞ Press CopyMat ➞ Press PasteMat ( That's what tutorial Says /) 
✦ Go to tool Pallete and choose Sphere3D as an active tool  ➞  Click and Drag to create Sphere and go to edit mode.
✦ Go to tool Pallete once more and choose MatCap tool again ( confirm when it asks if i want to exit edit mode)   ➞ Click on the image to capture the base lighting for the MatCap.
that's when it crashes. Tried also some different approaches but everytime the same. I didn't get why I'm doing some steps and that's the reason I'm not able to find out what is the reason of this error.

That's the tutorial I was looking at. Didn't find anything better on this subject. 

I hope some of you had same issue and can help me. ) 


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