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[Paid] Freelance hard surface, environmental and prop artists required.

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cubitstudios interpolator

Please fully read the role requirements below before applying  :)

Infinitesimals is a Sci-fi indie game being primarily developed by 2 people but the project is now moving towards full production. We have some funding which will allow us to expand the team (hurrah!).


Here's some recent development round up videos of the game:



- I'm looking for 3D artists for a variety of areas: hard surface (props, vehicles, robots etc), environmental (organic and architectural)
- Sometimes I'll create a concept for you to work from but I would really like to find artists who can run with the art style established and work from scratch too!
- Therefore, work that shows your own design sensibilities is important. It would be great to see some examples that are not solely based upon someone else's concept art. 
- It's important that you know how to retopologize, unwrap and bake maps correctly for real-time rendering (ie, you know how to produce clean bakes)

Please mail me with a link to your portfolio and your rates.
Contact: [email protected] 



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