[WIP] PBR Stylized Girl, "Gina"

The basis for the project is to create a stylized game ready character based on the concept "Gina" by Junseok Kwon as seen below.
Current Progress: 

Initial progress:

For the bodysuit I made some changes adding additional seams not present on the concept but I feel like they add some nice detail to the character while making the suit more feasible.
I would love to get some feedback on this project since I have pretty much been working in a vacuum on this one so far so some errors are likely baked in already that I overlooked.

Some areas on my list to work on at this stage:

  • Seams/panel loops on the arms of the suit
  • Rework some of the eye portion of the head while cleaning up any uneven surfaces
  • Hair... lots of hair
  • Boots


  • ExstaticMedia
    Long overdue progress update!

    I took a break from this project to explore some other concepts and ideas that didnt all come to a full final project but I am back working on completing Gina.

    So whats changed? Well lots, multiple times.

    Firstly lets start with the body, building on the base I created in the original post the body has been completely retopologised within Topogun into animation and division friendly loops and quads that would make any future sculpting and texturing much easier and cleaner. The idea is to have a full base mesh ready to go that can be sold when the project is over and used on my future characters to reduce initial creation time for the base anatomy.

    Following on the topic of topology I attempted multiple variations on the hair, both in styling and in method. These included using hair brushes such as Makkon_haircurves and De_hairtubes. Ultimately the results when attempting to match the density seen in the concept, simply had too many polygons and would take far too long to cut down without damaging the integrity of the models. As a result the final method used the basic curve strap brush in Zbrush with modified curve parameters to form a straight line. This line would then be morphed using bend curves to achieve the curvature and flow while maintaining control and smoothness. these hairs were built up in layers and moved to flow together rather than entirely random solo strands. The top layer of hair had an additional loop added and inflated to add some detail and depth over the simple but low poly flat hair.

    The suit has continued to be worked on along with the creation of the boots. The suit is currently undergoing retopology and unwrapping to clean up some of the more rough or high poly pieces. The boots were made via extrusions, masks, curves and a bow splined in 3ds Max.

    That's it for the core of this update, all textures and colours are little more than temporary placeholders with the eyes for example needing some more tuning. Frontal hair needs to drop over the face more rather than defy physics, and the face needs some tune ups. Hopefully the next update or even the final product wont have quite the gap this update had. Any critique and such is totally welcome.

    Bonus shot of a test render in Ue4:

  • ExstaticMedia
    Quick update: Gina is now completely retopologised, unwrapped and in UE4. Slow progress still while other projects are worked on at the same time, but the next step will be texturing and perhaps readjusting the lay of the front hair that defies some physics. 
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