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[RELEASED] Realistic Working Clock Pack

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Zedblade polycounter lvl 10
Hey yall!

Been coming to polycount for a while, finally have something I think is worth posting! 




This collection of assets contains 6 realistic clocks of 3 varying types. 3 table clocks, 2 wall clocks and 1 longcase clock.

This collection includes functioning clocks that tell the local timer, with moving pendulums and ticking sounds. If you would rather not use real time, you can set the clock to display a static time of your choosing.

This collection is perfect for architectural visualization and a variety of genres of games. All clocks have damaged and dirty variations which would be a perfect fit for your post-apocalyptic or horror settings. All clocks have hand made LODs for seamless transitioning.

Included is a single blueprint that contains the following features.

  • Select different clock types
  • Select different clock hand types
  • Show/Hide glass
  • Show/Hide clock hands.
  • Enable/Disable Sound
  • Enable/Disable Real World Time Keeping
  • Set static Hour and Minute hand times

Technical Details

PBR: Yes
Collision: Yes - Custom and Auto-generated
LODs: Yes - Custom
Number of Meshes: 35 (Not including LODs)
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 2 Materials and 16 Instances
Number of Textures: 55 (4096x4096)
Intended Platforms: Windows, PS4, XBONE,
Documentation: No


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