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Hello, All

I've recently had a couple of characters set free from their NDA's and they're ready to show off a bit of their in-game animations. This is from the upcoming Torchlight: Frontiers, working with Art Bully Productions. All models and rigs provided by Art Bully, all work completed in Autodesk Maya 2016/2018. Enjoy and please feel free to leave some feedback, it's how we all get better! :)


  • ndh80
    There's a typo in the word animation! Not the best first impression.
    The title card doesn't have to show for 10 seconds, if people want to read it they can pause.
    Start with your strongest work, that's probably not an idle. I'd say the skeleton reassembly at 0:38 or zombie walk at 0:56.
    The music you chose is quite slow and monotonous. No need for music, really.
  • BurningIce
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    BurningIce polycounter lvl 8
    Wow, can't believe I missed that typo, thank you. I'll also bump up the dynamic shots to the beginning. Thank you thank you. 
  • Archanex
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    Archanex polycounter lvl 14
    Nice work ndh80, I like the skeleton stuff the most. There wasn't really a lot that stood out, it seemed to mostly all be of consistent quality so that's good, here's what I did notice though

    zombie death - I think this is probably your weakest piece, character feels oddly specifically restrained in his movement. I guess maybe you were trying to make him stiff because he's a zombie, but I'd probably just remove it frankly.

    zombie spawn - I like the idea of the belly being stuck underground and he has to struggle to pull it out, but it I feel like that part could use a bit more work to make it feel like he's really struggling to get out of the ground. Also It feels like maybe you had fairly limited control over the belly

    Anyway, I hope that helps! Thanks for posting!

  • Theriverstyxes
    i loved torchlight growing up and to me this reel felt like i was just a small boy playing it again you've captured the style of the game perfectly, great work
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