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[CLOSED] Looking for Concept Artist to help develop Stylized Prop Designs

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Edit: Thank you everyone that applied.

Hey everyone. I am currently in need of a concept artist to help me refine an art style for some objects I am trying to model.

Simply put, I am looking to model an already existing object of one game in a modified style similar to another game. Currently, I have trouble changing the style/shape enough to make it not look like some idiot (me) made a quick, poor quality copy of it, thus is the reason why I need a concept artist.

This is going to be a small, short term project, as I am only needing 2 – 4 simple/minimal color sketches, primarily focusing on the shapes and patterns of the object, without focusing too much on surface detail. If those sketches don’t take too long and/or they look how I want without needing any revisions, I might be interested in hiring for a few more sketches of additional objects.

You can contact me here or at [email protected] if interested.

Here are a few details about the job, as well as a reference sheet to help you know if this job is for you.

  • The art style I am looking for is a stylized look, with primary focus on shapes/shilouette of the object, with secondary focus on the patterns on the object.
  • Detail on the material of the object should be minimal (aka: metal/stone/wood/etc).
  • The material on the object is/should be matte, thus no shininess/reflections. Feel free to have shadows/highlights, however.
  • The object should be similar enough to retain its function (the various rings of the object all spin around. Video of the object in motion can be provided if requested), while looking different enough to not be casually considered a copy.
  • The ideal is that the object would look like it fits well into the Zelda game Skyward Sword.
  • When designing, please keep the shapes fairly simple in structure. If you are aware of it, please consider the object to be modeled through low poly techniques, with no sculpting involved, and design/draw the object accordingly (don’t draw anything that would require sculpting).
  • The main style reference (Zelda: Skyward Sword) has low poly objects with most of the detail coming from patterns. The source game of the object (TERA) has high poly objects with most of the detail coming from materials (metal/stone/wood/etc) and the shape itself. I want this object to strike a middle ground, with shapes with more detail than Skyward Sword, but still having about 50% of the definition/detail of the object coming from patterns.
  • If possible, when designing the object, please try to design the object as a series of parts (like an object made through kitbashing), rather than a solid whole, so that it would be easier for me to design other objects bearing similar design features. If this is at all difficult, feel free to not bother, as this is just an extra I was hoping for and not necessary to the job.


Below is a quick reference sheet of both the object to draw and references of styles I think would be suitable.

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