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Hey guys!  Afklamer and I are working together to recreate a scene from Aristocats in Unreal with a stylized PBR look.  I haven't touched Unreal for a few years, so I'm really excited to get reacquainted with it and learn what's new ^^.  Afklamer is going to try and tackle all the textures in Substance, and I'll try to learn a bit about it too (although it looks really scary to me haha..).  Here is a blockout of our scene:

Here is our asset list:

  • Chimneyfg (foreground) 

  • Chimneyfg_wide 

  • Chimneybg (background) 

  • Chimney cap 

  • Window frame 

  • Shutterleft 

  • Shutterright 

  • Clothesline 

  • Buildings bg 

  • Chimney Pipe Long

  • Chimney Pipe Medium

  • Chimney Pipe Short

  • Bottle

  • Rain Gutter fg

  • Rain Gutter bg

  • Shingled roof fg

  • Shingled roof bg 

  • Shingled roof mg

  • Can

  • Broken Chimney Piece 

  • Copper Roof 

  • Window Sill

  • Catz

Afklamer is currently working on textures while I work on mapping.  We'll post some textures soon!  Critique and comments welcome :)

Afklamer - Artstation

Jessica Dinh - Blogspot & Artstation (yes, I need to consolidate) :D


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