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Stalenhag Fan Art [Environment] [WIP]

Hello friend Polycounters!

I'm a young 3D Artist from Italy, trying to build a solid portfolio to land my first job as a 3D environment artist in the videogame industry. I would appreciate it a lot if you could stop by and give me your opinions on the project so far.
I'd like to share with you a new environment I'm working on, it's gonna be the main piece of my environment art portfolio,so I want it be very solid under every point of view. Here is the main reference from the wonderful Simon Stalenhag.

As you will see in the screenshots, I tried to imagine the whole context this scene is set into. By studying Stalenhag's two books, "Things From The Flood" and "Tales From The Loop", I managed to find some other references of this alternative sci-fi Sweden.

Here are some of them:

At the moment I finished modeling 90% of the props and have started to work on texturing.
The overall scene is done, I'm quite happy with the layout, but I would love some exterior feedback on that too.

Here are some screenshots from UE4 scene (Detail Lighting mode):

Right now you can see that Asphalt and Concrete materials are way off, that's because they're temporary, I will need to make at least a couple variations of each on SBS Designer and then blend them through vertex painting on UE4.

My schedule has still huge tasks to do, but I'm positive that I can finish this in around a month,
here's a rough list of what I have to do, in order of priority:


1)SBS Designer: Concrete and Asphalt materials for the road parts;
2)Finish texturing all the props;
3)Tweak Lighting and Post Process;
4)Add small detail props, like twisted cans, newspapers and other generic rubbish, I have some UV space left in my prop pack, so I will squeeze those inside and call it a day;


5)Add animations to: Some key lights (I want the one above the robot to be flickering), the flying Magnetrine Ships and hovering ad structures;
6)Add SoundFx: suburban ambient sounds, robot weakly humming (triggered by proximity), magnetrine ships flight sounds.


I would really love some opinions from you guys on this project since I need this to show my ability as a 3d environment artist to bring a concept to life.
I'm trying hard to land my first job in the industry. Is there something more I should do? Or something I should really avoid wasting time on to? I'm all ears, guys.

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