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2D Character Design Procedure - CRITIQUES WANTED!!!

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Hello! This is a small project i been working on for my portfolio, I have 3d skills so once i have a character idea I can 3d Model it in Maya or sculpt in on Zbrush. I want to get into the design aspect and this is my Procedure for character design, I would like some Tips/guidance on what fundamental i should focus on most..
- gesture 
-color theory 
- facial anatomy 

project took about 10-12 hours within 2 days. 

any other Critiques are Also Welcomed! 

Character : Gladiator 
Personality : Fierce/Blood thirsty
weapon : Sword/Knifes 
Clothing : Armor (Mild Amount)

Gesture Drawing: I used a variety of Images for poses. The First two poses from the left are my Own from imagination(they are not accurate in proportions) I used reference to draw the other images to have correct proportions from reference(not tracing). 

Silhouettes: I filled in the Gestures with black for the silhouettes, From there I used a brush to fill in ideas for armor and Weapons, Thinking of different armor ideas. 

Idea Refining: Thinking more in depth of the shapes which make the character.

Value of Light: choosing the best colour value for character. 

Light: Imaging where the light would hit off on the character.

Coloring/Painting : Quick final Paint of character with colours. 

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