Destruction animation in the game (Joint skin)

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Hello everyone (translation via google), there is a need to make the destruction of a building on a mobile device (when a projectile hits a collider). Conditions: should be optimal for mobile devices, the building should have a baked lightmap. From the ideas of how this can be realized, I vivel 3 ways:

  • 1 - duplicate the building (the original from manual UV 2 lightmap), cut the mesh on each side, simulate flight in different directions, attach the bones to these pieces and make beymings. Bottom line: in unit 2 mesh, 1 - trimmed house, 2 - skinning mesh (debris) and bones;
  • almost the same as in version 1, but to animate not the bones, but the fragments themselves (for example, 4 per building), the result: 5 meshes, 1 - a trimmed house, 4 others are fragments with their linear animation. (in the game itself, the fragments that are in the camera will not be cut off by the camera); 
  • cut the debris from the building, connect and send into a unit, already in the unit when the projectile hits, just hide the debris and in some places include vfx (debris).

I need to understand in the right direction I reason that from what I wrote will be the most optimal for mobile devices and do you have any suggestions?
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