Sketchbook: Liam Fishman

Hi everyone! I've been wanting to make a digital sketchbook for awhile now. I plan on posting some 3D WIP of personal projects here as well as any other creative things :) This will be kind of the first place ideas and project WIP land as where I can share them with people. Critiques are very much welcomed!

The goal is to be posting every week or at the absolute minimum once every other week.

I'll also have my portfolio linked here:

This is my current big personal project. These are a couple Zbrush renders of what I have so far


  • Rangaros
    This sword is part of something I want to start doing by remaking or re-visualizing older games I used to play when I was younger and try to think about how they might look today :) This sword if from a game I used to play called Spiral Knights and I'm going for an Overwatch stylized PBR look in the end when I get around to texturing it.

    I like to use things like this to practice getting faster with blocking out, subdividing and moving into Zbrush for sculpting.

    Imported from Blender before any sculpting details.

    This is the reference I am using for the sword. I changed the bottom part from that more angled sharp piece because I felt like the circle fit a little better for the sword. I might change it later on. I also made the mid section a little more interesting and raised it a bit.

  • Rangaros
    I did a quick test bake of the Blade a couple days ago. Just some screen grabs from Substance painter. I like the way it looks so far especially considering the low poly is only 312 tris.

    Still needs some work. The bottom left is a little too low poly. The viewing distance would be top down third person so it's not a huge deal but I'm gonna play around with it a bit and round it out.

  • Rangaros
    I found some old pixel art I did before I started to get into 3D

  • Rangaros
    I've been messing around with optimizing and fixing baking issues and I wanted to finish up the sculpt for the wraps. I could have gone with just a flat cloth but the sword is going to be worn, kind of roughed up so I wanted a bit of a more sloppy looking cloth to help with the personality of the sword.

    This should be it for details inside Zbrush. Their might be a couple things I will add but the bulk of it will be done in Substance Painter/Photoshop.

  • Rangaros
    After doing some test bakes and everything looking pretty good, I wanted to get the look of what the final textures will be so I can jump right into texturing once I have my final baked sword. Little things I'll probably adjust as I go metal under the paint probably needs to be shiner and I still need to add in the light bar in the center. So far so good though :)

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